10 Years of Doing Well by Doing Good.


Generate 4 Schools

Automatic Fundraiser. Examining sustainable economic systems connection between local business and local schools. Launches with First Data and Century Payments. MiCamp Merchant Services. Early pioneers in the innovative financially inclusive programs.



Kids work for hire program. Launches marketplace matching kids with age-appropriate work opportunities and links to a “kids discover debit card” Understanding youth banking, friendly fraud and the gen z approach to work and its value. Understand the currency of popularity.



Having understood the disconnect between youth banking and the community, launched a financial literacy platform that allows parents to monitor and manage kids finance associated with work completed. Understood the lack of value banks were bringing to businesses, families and the community. Banking still analog when the age turned digital. We see the canary in the coal mine –  banks are dependent on buildings (physical for their status and brand; very vulnerable digitally.) D+J start discussions on financial inclusivity and COMMUNITY + COMMUNICATION.

Martin Steinmann Joins the board of Ourly. FINCOMM is BORN.

2018 -2020


Local. Mobile. Global. The Boys are back in town.

Sweden. London. Atlanta. Malta. Chicago. Austin. Cape Town

John, David, Martin, Brett, and Jim in three years managed a 12.1-million-member mobile loyalty company, rebranded a crypto- and gaming-focused acquiring bank, a payments company, and launch a payment gateway in the USA, all while developing the number one app in Clover helping small merchants pay and file their sales tax on time. All companies were bankrupt or insolvent at the start of their involvement.  They increase value for their customers and investors by $300 Million. FINTECH DOESN’T SELL FINTECH. PEOPLE DO.