Q4 2021 (so far)

October IBANTEK agrees in conjunction with PAYXPS to develop a Business Discovery Center that incudes giving CARES Act ERC grants to the 52 vital small businesses and all Financially Excluded Entities and Individuals.  November The Community is given a steward. Elaine Kennedy hired to steward and align this opportunity with the values of the journey that brought us here.

Q3 2021

July 2021 Ibantek Identifies “No out of pocket solution” for ERC PPR Credits. Unleashes access to billions of dollars in funds for Financially Excluded Independent Businesses

Q2 2021

May Identify the 52 businesses vital to economic independence, inclusivity and recovery End-to-end market testing ERC CALCULATION  Begins to develop a financially inclusive tool and process to include 52 businesses in the CARES Act. Cost prohibitive as credits designed for large employers. June Peoples Republic Of Data Launches Business Discovery Center Beta. Invests capital to expand team to prepare for …

Q1 2021

January FINCOMM FAMCOMM + MEDCOMM LAUNCH Monetizable Payment Experience (MPE) Validation Begins  Go To Market Developed March PAYXPS platform launches independent, inclusive billing Added 200 SaaS partners, 14 shopping carts, and 100s of alternative payments The LEOPRD methodology is live Edmund Olotu Tech Advance CEO Joins advisory board PAYXPS FINANCE Structured Funding Mechanism in Place